Sponsoring SacJS


SacJS is dedicated to providing the Sacramento Javascript community a place to learn, socialize, and talk shop.

While generally focused on Javascript and the Javascript community, we also cover web technology of all types. We’ve had meetups on everything from the “Internet of Things”, Virtual Reality, and the dance community.

Our meetup is co-organized by Derek, Sam, and Andy and meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month at The Urban Hive

Sponsorship Packages

During the event, sponsors have a chance to talk to attendees in a casual setting. Here some things you get with your sponsorship:

Kings Sponsorship - $200

Republic Sponsorship - $100

River Cat Sponsorship - $50


Our first meetup was in January 2015 and it has been held monthly ever since. We use funds provided by our sponsors to cover the cost of food, refreshments, and speaker travel. We would love to donate all profits to a local STEM non-profit but, unfortunately, our region seems to be sorely lacking in this area. If you want to change this, let us know!.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a sponsorship

You can purchase sponsorship tickets through our ticketing page. We encourage all potential sponsors to reach out before buying their tickets so we can ensure that the sponsorship is a good fit for all parties involved. Due to payment processing fees, we DO NOT refund sponsorship tickets that are purchased without prior approval.

Do you offer discounts for repeat sponsorships?

Thank you for your support! Yes! We do offer a sponsorship discount if you would like to sponsor for multiple contiguous months. Use one of the following discount codes when purchasing a sponsorship:

Will we get to talk to attendees?

All sponsors above the “River Cat” level are given a 1-minute segment after our main presentations to address our attendees. If you would like customized slides during your allotted time, please provide them before the day of the event. Regardless, we’ll have your logo included in our slides and will recognize you for sponsoring our event.

We also encourage all sponsors to hang around after the event for Bevera.js to talk to our attendees in an informal setting.

In addition to this, we will send a tweet up to a week prior to the event to highlight an event or webpage of your choosing.

Where does the sponsorship money go?

All proceeds will be spent on providing food, refreshments, and speaker travel (where applicable) during the meetup. Any leftover funds will be carried over to future meetups to cover additional speaker travel costs.

Can we have a speaker the same month that we sponsor?

We prefer to not select speakers the same month that their company sponsors us. However, we do encourage you to submit a talk proposal and we will keep you in mind for the next meetup.

Do you offer non-monetary sponsorships?

Yes! If you would rather sponsor through a non-monetary means equivalent in value to one of our sponsorship tiers, we can likely accommodate that. Please contact us directly so we can discuss further.

How many other sponsors will there be?

Each month we have three sponsors, one at each sponsorship tier.

There are no sponsorships left this month. Can we sponsor next month?

Yes! Send an email to derek@jsconf.us and we’ll be happy to get you setup for the next available month.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in sponsoring SacJS reach out to derek@jsconf.us and we’ll be happy to help you out.