Javascript, web technologies, and community building on the fourth Tuesday of every month at The Urban Hive.

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Tuesday, June 27

There are no good June puns so this is your meetup title.

The Urban Hive
1931 H Street, Sacramento, CA, 95811


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    Doors Open

    Come early to grab a seat, a refreshment, and some food

    Sponsored by TekSystems
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    Welcome and Introductions
    Sponsored by The Urban Hive
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    Build an API in 20 minutes with Loopback

    Got data? Get a full CRUD API in 20 minutes with LoopBack! You’ll learn: how to connect LoopBack to your datasource, how to create a model, how to add a custom method, and more!

  • speaker
    Building Chat Bots with API.AI

    Learn to build your own personal assistant like Jarvis in Iron Man using Google’s and express framework, and google home.

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    Closing Remarks
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    Grab a drink and get to know your fellow #SacTech community members by hanging out afterwards and socializing with our other attendees. We’ll keep it going until we get kicked out!


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What's Next?

e pluribus unum with npm (now with more 🐕), Tuesday, July 25

What else?

Want to speak at a future meetup? We accept 15, 30, and 45-minute talks on a wide variety of topics. Let us know what you'd like to talk about.

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